Working abroad: Mexican v. American office culture

Hi! It’s been a little while since I last posted because I was finishing up school exams, but here’s a post on what it’s like to work abroad. A bit of background information: I finished my IB exams in mid-May, but my graduation ceremony isn’t until late June, so I’ve had a little over a month of free time. I’m from the US and I’ve … Continue reading Working abroad: Mexican v. American office culture

How I Studied Korean During NSLI-Y

Hi everyone! Here’s Part 2 on my “How I Learned Korean” series. In Part 1, I talked about how I self-studied Korean before applying to NSLI-Y. In this post, I’ll talk about how I studied during NSLI-Y, in Seoul. My study methods were very different of course, because during NSLI-Y, I got to have actual classes instead of studying on my own as I had … Continue reading How I Studied Korean During NSLI-Y

How I Taught Myself Korean

Welcome to the Part 1 of my series on learning Korean! This post will be on how I taught myself Korean before I went to Seoul during NSLI-Y. Part 2 will be on how I studied Korean during NSLI-Y, and Part 3 will be on studying Korean post-NSLIY. I hope you find this useful, and good luck to anyone out there who wants to study … Continue reading How I Taught Myself Korean

10 things to do after nsliy

There are so many ways to get involved in exchange/State Department/etc activities even after you finish your NSLI-Y program. Here’s just a short list of some of the things that NSLI-Y alums have gone on to do soon after finishing their programs. Critical Language Scholarship (basically NSLI-Y but for college kids) Internship with NSLI-Y Becoming a NSLI-Y Regional Representative Internship with NSLI-Y’s partners, such as … Continue reading 10 things to do after nsliy

NSLI-Y: IRL vs. In the Blogs

NSLI-Y Summer isn’t just a six-week program. It’s something so much more, built up in our minds months before we depart to our host countries, because of all of the blog posts we’ve read, YouTube videos we’ve watched, and alumni we’ve talked to. The application process is time consuming, as you write numerous essays and ask both a teacher and a parent for a recommendation. … Continue reading NSLI-Y: IRL vs. In the Blogs

Traditional Korean Instruments

Traditional Korean music involves a lot more than banging on a drum. The breaths and movements of each player must reflect the tone of each beat, and the grace with which one must wield the drumming sticks produces a visual representation of the story that each song tells. During my summer in Seoul, I learned how to play the Janggu (장구), which is an hourglass-shaped drum. Here’s a … Continue reading Traditional Korean Instruments

Preparing for the NSLI-Y Interview

Hi everyone~ Here’s some information that might be helpful for preparing for the NSLI-Y semi-finalist interview. Semi-finalists are usually notified in December/January about scheduling an interview. Good luck to everyone applying this year!   I. Types of Interviews Depending on where you live, interviews will be conducted different ways. For semi-finalists living near larger cities, it’s common for groups to meet in a specific location … Continue reading Preparing for the NSLI-Y Interview


FAQ   (see FAQ page for more) FAQ: When do finalist notifications come out?  The finalist notifications come out around March for summer applicants, later for year applicants. In my year, the Korean summer notifications came out on March 31st. How old were you on the program? Can you get accepted as a freshman? I was a sophomore when I was accepted, and turned 16 the day … Continue reading FAQ